Online Enrolment

To enrol at North East Valley Normal School, you need to submit an application by clicking the online enrolment button.

Before you fill out an enrolment application, you need to download and fill out the documents listed below the online enrolment button. Please take note of the enrolment checklist sheet as this includes additional information needed during the enrolment process.

If you are unable to upload these documents with your application that is okay. You can bring them with you at the principal’s appointment.

The principal’s appointment is a meeting where you and your child can come into North East Valley Normal School, meet with the principal and take a tour of the school. During this meeting, you can bring in any documents you were unable to attach with your online enrolment application. You will also receive an enrolment pack with additional information about our school. 


Please also note the following for the Caregiver Details section:

  • Parents/caregivers need to be checked as a Legal Guardian.
  • Parents/caregivers do not need to be checked as Emergency Contacts. In the case of an emergency, parents/caregivers will always be contacted first. 
  • Emergency Contacts are additional contacts who staff will contact when they are unable to get in touch with a parent/caregiver.


Enrolment Scheme

NEV Normal School is currently in the process of establishing an enrolment scheme in accordance with section 11H of the Education Act 1989, to avoid overcrowding at the school.

For children who have not yet enrolled at NEV Normal School when the scheme comes into effect, the enrolment scheme means that:
If they live in the zone, they will have the right to enrol at NEV Normal School.

For more information, you can view the proposed enrolment scheme below. 

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