Please call the school office on 473 8246 and speak to Sara Blackwell, the school secretary, in the first instance. Sara will organise for you to meet the principal and to have a look around. Sara can also be contacted via

NEV Normal does not have an enrolment scheme so anyone can enrol as long as they are New Zealand citizens or have the right to study in a New Zealand school. This includes children of PhD students at the University of Otago who are classed as domestic students while their parents are studying.

Many North Dunedin families attend North East Valley Normal School as do the children of post-graduate students of the University.

Why Us

Because North East Valley is a ‘normal school’, which provides teacher training through the University of Otago, our staff are kept up-to-date with the best professional development and have access to superb resources to aid their classroom practice. The results speak for themselves: children at our school excel in the core subjects of literacy and mathematics, in what is a well-designed and integrated curriculum.

We also encourage our students to develop positive ties with each other to create strong and long-lasting friendships. We believe primary school is not only about getting a core education, but also about gaining experiences and learning how to interact with other members of society. It is this aspect of our school that we pride ourselves on.

Our school is not too big and not too small – just right in fact. Everyone gets to know each other. The older children look out for the younger ones. Everyone gets to participate in all that is on offer from performances to sport. We enter teams in anything going so that our children get the best and widest opportunities available to them. One week they might get golf lessons and the next week the local fire engine makes a visit.

Our school is also located in a safe community away from heavy traffic, while also being close to Dunedin’s central business district and the University of Otago. The local community is very supportive of our school and our school is a true community school. We aim to guide and educate your child into becoming a well-rounded, well-liked and well-respected member of society.

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