Our Vision

North East Valley Normal School is a place where every child has the chance to be the best they can be now and for the rest of their lives. The Valley children are caring, respectful, knowledgeable, confident and competent; they are prepared for life and grounded in the greater good/community.

He aha te mea nui o te Ao?

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

About Us

North East Valley Normal School is a friendly community school for years 1-6 situated in the cosy community of North East Valley. 

The school is located near the University of Otago, the botanical gardens and a short drive from the Dunedin city centre.

NEVN is a friendly community school.

We develop close relationships with the families of students and foster a welcoming attitude to parent and caregivers. 

We strive to provide an environment where children feel like they are not only part of the school but also the wider community.

What is a normal school?

The term comes from the French l’ecole normale. This term was used to describe the schools which were used as training grounds for teachers and means ordinary schools.

As a Normal school, we are closely associated with the University of Otago College of Education. We assist with the pre-service training of teacher trainees. 

This allows our staff to stay up to date with the best professional development resources to aid their classroom practice.

North East Valley Normal School opened in 1851 and is the second oldest in Dunedin.

The School

Academic Success

At North East Valley Normal School we have high levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy. Our data shows, year after year, excellent academic results. Many of our children go on to perform well above average in secondary school.

Many things contribute to this high achievement:

  1. teachers are mature and very experienced;
  2. there is a focus on literacy and mathematics across our school;
  3. excellent resourcing;
  4. small class sizes;
  5. extra teacher-aide time is provided by the Board of Trustees;
  6. children are taught to read individually and each have an individual programme to meet their needs;
  7. art, music and creativity feature in classroom activities;
  8. teachers and parents share information openly and honestly.

Encouraging positive behaviour

The teachers of North East Valley Normal School work hard at developing a friendly and, co-operative and informal school environment. The teachers are not strict disciplinarians. However, neither are they permissive. The emphasis is on encouraging and teaching children to work alongside and play with others in co-operative and non-disruptive ways. Respecting the rights of others and taking responsibility for one’s own behaviour are probably the keys to a happy and effective school.

Respect, Responsibility & Safety

The school has a comprehensive behaviour management system. For moderate and serious issues the senior staff intervene. There is a ‘Thinking Room’ for time out and for reflection.

Negative behaviours are recorded and reported to the senior staff who work with teachers and children to encourage positive behaviour and healthy relationships.

Communication with the home is encouraged in all areas of school life and particularly for managing negative behaviours.

The behaviour policies of the school are freely available to parents.